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Need help desperately!!!

2010-09-07 17:51:47 by clarkey1

coors light competition

Hey guys, how is everyone? Just outta hospital, working on some artwork at the moment, doing some colour work for a guy on here. His name is Rock-candy, check his stuff out its awesome! Anyway, I really need your help with something. Me and my friends entered a competition and we need votes to win, we got off to a good lead but then got trounced by this other team. We need votes, the competition is on til sunday so if you could dedicate like 30 seconds to voting that would be awesome! Really appreciate it! The link is written above! Its for coors light.


2010-08-16 20:19:16 by clarkey1

Right, so I dropped out of college officially today... No more English, Media and Cultural studies for me. I have the whole year now, to make a port folio and start again. I'm feeling hopeful.
Going to have more time to draw now too, so a lot more submissions will be coming up. And I might try take a stab at flash. Not feeling as hopeful about that.

Right, time to start.

2010-08-11 20:30:23 by clarkey1

So, I've had my account since 2006 and I've never used it. Time I started! I uploaded some artwork so please rate it and comment. Alot more to come. And also I'm going to be on this a lot more keeping updates and maybe reviewing games and movies both on this site and in the big bad world, so hopefully someone actually reads this and checks me out! Cool beans...